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Denizen Hall is located in one of the very few heritage buildings that Edmonton has left standing at the corner of 103 avenue and 103 street.  Formerly the Richelieu Pub, it has been open since 1904 and provided live music, kegs and whiskey bottles to the growing and newly incorporated City of Edmonton.

When I used to live in a different city and travel to Edmonton on the Greyhound bus as a teenager, this place scared the crap out of me, not going to lie! It took me a while to be able to convince my Husband that we should really go and visit because I have heard a lot of good things about this space.  I am sure I mentioned the word “Arcade” but apparently he didn’t hear that part!

The Grand Hotel has been completely re-vamped and is now home to “Denizen Hall” and is again providing live music, kegs and classic arcade and pinball machines to the people of Edmonton.



Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a man with a dream… A dream to make Bannock, not war! Fast forward to three years into the future, and this young man is well on the way with the opening of his new restaurant.

I have had the distinct pleasure of indulging in Native Delights food on several previous occasions.  My tastebuds thank me every time.  This visit was no exception.  Bannock is in my blood.

Native Delights has taken over the old “Sloppy Hoggs” location just East of NAIT campus.  They didn’t change the decor much, but it really works. It is cozy and inviting.


As I am sure you can tell, “Gastro Pubs” are one of my favourite places to visit.   I am a bit of a beer snob, I would like to be MORE of a beer snob someday. (Of the non-pretentious variety) Beer goes great with food, just the same as wine, only you don’t need a sommelier to pour it for you.  The Pourhouse always has a rotating selection of taps and bottles as well as a regular selection.  The beer are all listed by flavour profile, which makes it easier for the non beer drinkers.

Ok, now that you know you can go to Pourhouse for a great brew, let’s talk about BurlyChef Lager… Pourhouse’s heart belongs to Chef Daniel Huber.  No, he isn’t the only one that brings the Pourhouse to YEG, but he is the flavour creator.  He wanted to bring a “normal” beer to Pourhouse, like the one Dad used to drink when they were BBQ’ing.  Before your start grumbling and complaining about the brewery he chose, please note that he did try the “local” breweries and they were not able to give him the flavour profile that he was looking for.  Labbatt’s brews “Burly Chef Lager” for the Pourhouse.  It is a nice, light lager that goes with anything that the menu has to offer for food.  For the entire month of August, $1 per pint will be donated to the Bissell Centre to help them with the rebuilding of the “Thrift Shoppe” after the two devastating fires.


Krush Ultralounge located at 16648 109 Avenue in Edmonton, has a bit of a stigma attached to it.  It has been through many incarnations.  Most recently a “stripper bar”.   The lovely ladies are no more….  Now you have a posh space with two large, beautifully finished lounging areas, several televisions and a great sound system.

They have also found themselves a new Chef.  Chef Kelly hails from “Kids in the Hall Bistro” which offers on the job training, life skills, connection to school and outreach support for youth.  Kelly left Kids in the Hall to pursue the next chapter in life and ended up being the new gem at Krush.

Kelly also happens to be a friend and he had a little convincing to do to get a bunch of us out for some Tuesday Shenanigans at his new venue.  Previous to this, I had never had the chance to experience Kelly’s cuisine.  The following review is in no way colored by the fact that Kelly is a friend.


During my trip to the newly opened Mother’s Market (post to follow) I came across Ian Gladue and his shiny new concession stall for Native Delights.  Technically this is “not” a food truck, but Native Delights does have mobile carts that you will see in and around the city sharing his love of food.  They are now in their second year.

Native Delights at Mothers Market


Soda Jerks was one of the first places in Edmonton to bring about the “Build Your Own Burger”. You can always have your burger the way YOU like it. Many, many, many choices! The ingredients are all top quality.

The name for me brought about visions of a “Soda Jerk” behind a chrome counter with an ice cream freezer and a pile of milkshake blenders. You won’t find an actual Soda Jerk here. The decor has lots of bottles of soda everywhere and comfy booths and seating throughout the restaurant. They also have a secondary location in St. Albert now that has a more open concept than the original restaurant.

Among the sides are the best deep fried pickles in the city. Hand breaded in tempura, they are always crispy and juicy at the same time.

As the name suggests, soda is what makes the Jerks go ’round! There are 45 different flavours of sodas. They also offer floats and milkshakes; non-alcoholic and the adult variety! My favourite is the Guinness float. I had to try it because I just couldn’t imagine ice cream and beer but it is phenomenal! I even bought one for my hard core Guinness drinking friend Ben, and he loved it!

The Barn Yard, The Big Jerk and the Doris, are three really BIG burgers. There is a contest to eat all three of them. One of my friends was able to eat Doris and got a t-shirt for his efforts.

If you are going to the restaurant during a peak time, expect a 45 minute to an hour wait. At the original restaurant in West Edmonton, you can go to the lounge to grab a drink while you wait. The menu is online so you can peruse before you go!

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