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Krush Ultralounge located at 16648 109 Avenue in Edmonton, has a bit of a stigma attached to it.  It has been through many incarnations.  Most recently a “stripper bar”.   The lovely ladies are no more….  Now you have a posh space with two large, beautifully finished lounging areas, several televisions and a great sound system.

They have also found themselves a new Chef.  Chef Kelly hails from “Kids in the Hall Bistro” which offers on the job training, life skills, connection to school and outreach support for youth.  Kelly left Kids in the Hall to pursue the next chapter in life and ended up being the new gem at Krush.

Kelly also happens to be a friend and he had a little convincing to do to get a bunch of us out for some Tuesday Shenanigans at his new venue.  Previous to this, I had never had the chance to experience Kelly’s cuisine.  The following review is in no way colored by the fact that Kelly is a friend.