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As I am sure you can tell, “Gastro Pubs” are one of my favourite places to visit.   I am a bit of a beer snob, I would like to be MORE of a beer snob someday. (Of the non-pretentious variety) Beer goes great with food, just the same as wine, only you don’t need a sommelier to pour it for you.  The Pourhouse always has a rotating selection of taps and bottles as well as a regular selection.  The beer are all listed by flavour profile, which makes it easier for the non beer drinkers.

Ok, now that you know you can go to Pourhouse for a great brew, let’s talk about BurlyChef Lager… Pourhouse’s heart belongs to Chef Daniel Huber.  No, he isn’t the only one that brings the Pourhouse to YEG, but he is the flavour creator.  He wanted to bring a “normal” beer to Pourhouse, like the one Dad used to drink when they were BBQ’ing.  Before your start grumbling and complaining about the brewery he chose, please note that he did try the “local” breweries and they were not able to give him the flavour profile that he was looking for.  Labbatt’s brews “Burly Chef Lager” for the Pourhouse.  It is a nice, light lager that goes with anything that the menu has to offer for food.  For the entire month of August, $1 per pint will be donated to the Bissell Centre to help them with the rebuilding of the “Thrift Shoppe” after the two devastating fires.